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Easy Hair Care Routine With MD Hair

Washing your hair is not enough to keep it healthy and good looking; for nice lustrous hair, you need to follow a proper hair care routine; this routine doesn`t have to be complicated. Follow these steps, and you will see a visible difference.

Healthy hair is a source of confidence boost. When your hair looks and feels its best, you`ll feel more put-together and ready to take on the day. When your hair starts getting weaker and less dense, you must start following a good hair care routine earlier to protect your hair.


MD hair products are one the best for any hair type. Their products are clinically tested and approved by dermatologists. Containing the goodness of potent DHT blockers, vitamins, and minerals, they work like magic on damaged hair, giving them a new life. Here is a haircare routine with MD hair products that you can follow to make your hair thicker and longer.

Regrow Your Hair With Minoxidil Treatment

Minoxidil regulates the blood flow in your scalp. It is used to treat androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as hereditary hair loss. It is also said to extend the anagen phase, the active growth period of the hair follicle. By making this phase longer and shortening the resting phase, minoxidil could contribute to the development of thicker, more robust hair.

MD hair’s Minoxidil 2.0% is the best treatment that helps your hair to grow faster and thicker. You just have to use a few drops of it on your receding hairline or a bald spot daily or once every two days, and within a few weeks, you will see a visible difference.

Remove All The Buildup and Dirt With A Shampoo 

Shampoo is the most basic part of your hair care routine. After all the treatments you have put on your hair, take them off with a cleansing shampoo that doesn`t dry your hair and keeps the moisture locked in. It is a must, but if you have hair problems, a shampoo can do more than just clean the dirt and buildup. A keratin volumizing shampoo can be used to treat dull and frizzy hair, reviving it to be shinier and softer.

Restore Shampoo from MD hair is a great product to use as it is paraben and sulfate free that means it will not damage the hair strands. Fo-Ti root extract in the shampoo helps with scalp health and prevents graying hair.

Restore Lost Moisture After Shampoo

When you wash your hair with a shampoo, the natural oil of your hair washes out, so it is very important to lock that moisture in with a good deep conditioner that adds elasticity. This not only makes hair softer and shinier but also reduces breakage by strengthening the strands. The protective layer conditioner also shields hair from environmental damage caused by sunlight and harsh chemicals, making it an essential part of your hair care routine.

MD Hair conditioner is an award winning conditioner that has Keratin, Silk Peptides, and Argan Oil. This conditioner makes your hair silky and smooth reducing friction causing less breakage.

After Shower Care

If you think conditioning is the only step you need to provide your hair with the hydration that it needs, then you’re mistaken. To deal with damaged hair, you need to put after-shower care products like serums and oils to protect the ends and middle part of your hair.

Peptide Bond Repair Oil is the best solution for hair aftercare. It makes frizzy hair smooth and easy to style. This oil helps to tame flyaways and avoids split ends, giving hair a shine.If you have damaged your hair with harsh chemicals and heat styling, then this oil can save your hair`s health and keep it protected from future damage.

Intake Your Hair Care

You can put different products on your hair and scalp but they can only do so much. To actually make your hair beautiful and healthy you need to take supplements that fulfill your body’s need of essential vitamins and minerals that leads to a better hair growth. These supplements not only help you with your hair but improves the overall health of your scalp, skin and nails. 

MD hair’s Marine Collagen is the perfect supplement that exhibits a prominent change in your hair quality. This is best for people in their mid twenties and above because the body`s natural collagen production starts decreasing after the age of 25. The product contains vitamin C which helps with the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic Acid keeps your hair well-hydrated  and elastic.


By following these simple steps your hair will be unrecognizably gorgeous in a few months,but remember consistency is the key. Organic and genuine hair care products that don`t harm your hair with harsh chemicals, improves your hair quality and helps you achieve your desired look. MD Hair products contain natural extracts and goodness of herbs which helps you achieve your hair goals faster and helps them grow with advantages for the long run.


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