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Best-Selling Products by Feals

Feals maximizes hemp's natural benefits with low THC extract, boosted by coconut MCT oil for enhanced CBD absorption. Using CO2 extraction, they ensure a clean, potent product, free from unnecessary additives. The goal of the brand is to provide you with top-quality hemp products.

Feals utilizes full-spectrum hemp extract with less than 0.3% THC, incorporating a whole-plant approach to harness additional cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in hemp for optimal benefits. MCT oil, derived from coconut oil, serves as a carrier to enhance CBD's bioavailability, leveraging its fat-burning and metabolism-boosting properties. Employing a meticulous extraction process involving pressurized CO2, cannabinoids are efficiently pulled from the cannabis plant, resulting in potent extracts devoid of chlorophyll and other impurities. The brand focuses on delivering the purest end product possible.


Here are the following best-selling products by feals.


Top 4 Best-Selling Feals Products

Feals products are cultivated with meticulous care and hand-harvested by farmers in Colorado who adhere to organic farming methods.


Following are the top 4 best-selling Feals products:


The Gummies

Enjoy 30 delightful gummies, each micro-dosed to provide the right lift for your busy day. Designed for those who want to relax without sacrificing productivity, these gummies offer a carefully curated blend of CBD and THC with a refreshing, citrusy flavor profile. Experience a subtle euphoria that's ideal for unwinding after a demanding day.




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To avail of these citrus jellies purchase The Gummies which will help you in taking some rest. Priced at $55.


The Mints

Experience rapid relaxation with fast-acting mints, perfect for those moments when you crave instant tranquility. Crafted from full-spectrum CBD sourced from meticulously chosen, domestically grown organic hemp, these mints deliver 20 mg of potent relief for on-the-go stress management.




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For a quick dose of calm, purchase The Mints priced at $50. 


The Oil

Opt for the perfect potency with a top-selling product tailored to meet your needs. Crafted from specially chosen, organically grown domestic hemp, offerings feature full-spectrum CBD. Enjoy the pure essence of cannabinoid extract and coconut MCT oil with no added flavors or fillers. Ensure optimal storage by keeping it at room temperature away from direct sunlight.




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For full strength for your hair, purchase The Oil priced at $70.


The Focus Melts

Upgrade your focus without the jolt of caffeine with Feals Focus Melts, infused with Tetracarbene a unique, citrus peel-derived compound designed to combat the afternoon slump. Experience heightened concentration precisely when needed, courtesy of this innovative focus-enhancing solution.




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For a care-free focus, purchase, The Focus Melts is priced at $55.


Feals uses hemp extract with very little THC, getting the most out of the plant by keeping all its natural compounds. They add MCT oil from coconut to help your body absorb the CBD better. This brand carefully takes out the good stuff from the hemp plant using CO2, making sure it's clean and strong without any extra stuff you don't need. 


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