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Secret Labs Magnus Pro XL Review

The Secretlab Magnus Pro XL Review showcases its ideal design for gamers and professionals. This desk features durable metal construction, electric height, and smart cable management. It provides enough space and organization, ensuring a comfortable and efficient workspace.


The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL is designed for professional gamers and creators who need a reliable and versatile workspace. This standing desk is constructed from durable metal, and with an electric lift system that allows you to easily adjust the height to make sure you can work comfortably. The spacious design of this table provides enough room for all your equipment, allowing you to stretch and move around as needed.


Here is a detailed Secret labs Magnus Pro XL Review to guide you on how to choose the best desk:


The Secretlab desks stands out because of its intelligent magnetic organization system. This innovative setup keeps all your cables neatly hidden, preventing clutter and maintaining a clean, organized workspace. It helps secure your tech essentials in place, so everything you need is always within easy reach. Even if you`re setting up for an intense gaming session, a creative project, or productive work, the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL ensures that your perfect setup is maintained.

Key Features to Include in Secret Labs Magnus Pro XL Review: 

The following are the most useful key features to include in this Secretlab Magnus Pro XL Review: 

Electric Height Adjustments

The Secretlab Magnus Pro XL Desk is made to keep you active all day long. It lets you switch easily from sitting to standing and back again. This desk is built to move with you, making it easy to find the right height for whatever you`re doing and to fit best with secret lab chairs.

Integrated Power Supply Column

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL is built to simplify your workspace by eliminating cable clutter and freeing up more room for your creativity. It features an integrated power supply column with a concealed cable inside the desk leg and a built-in electrical socket. This allows you to power your desk and devices ensuring a tidy and efficient workspace. 

Cable Management

Revolutionize your cable management with the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL. Its expansive cable tray spans the entire length of the desk, concealed by a rear-hinged cover for easy access. Simply drop your cables into the tray and tuck them into the offset gap for effortless organization. With additional cable routing options along the sides, you`ll have enough room to hide every wire, ensuring a clean and tidy workspace.

Accessories Suite

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL accessories collection is designed to be modular, secure, and incredibly user-friendly, customized for professionals.  

Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat

Made from a plush, premium leatherette that feels luxurious, the MAGPAD is designed with a full-coverage magnetic bottom. This securely anchors it to the Secretlab desks for gaming, greatly upgrading its longevity. Customize your standing desk workspace with the diverse selection of Signature and Special Edition MAGPAD designs, availability varying by region.

Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm

Achieve new ergonomic heights for your screens with the Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arms. They flawlessly integrate into the MAGNUS cable tray, even when fully closed. Installing them is a breeze with a top-mounted design, and built-in cable channels ensure your setup remains tidy and organized. Enjoy finding the perfect screen position with a full range of dynamic adjustments.


It has 2 types of arm adjustments:


  1. Single Monitor Arm that holds up to 34” screen.

  2. Dual Monitor Arm that holds up to 34” screen side by side. 

Lighting Setup 

The Secretlab MAGRGB Light Strip integrates easily and offers complete customization for your setup. It attaches magnetically to your Secretlab MAGNUS Pro desk, syncing its lighting with other RGB accessories in the Nanoleaf ecosystem for a fully immersive experience. The integrated controller enables instant ambiance creation, or use the Nanoleaf app for custom scenes, presets, and over 16 million colors.


Technical Specifications Of Secretlab Magnus Pro XL 

These are the technical specifications of Secret Lab Magnus Pro XL Review:


  • Dimensions: Length 70.0, depth 31.5 dimensions of the XL size desk.

  • Weight Capacity: 1.7m weight capacity and 265lb load-bearing specifications.

  • Height Adjustment: 25.6” - 49.2” height adjustment with a smooth transition.

  • Frame Construction: MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) with High-Pressure Laminate Bamboo and Steel (SPCC).

  • Panel Control: 3 present options with a captive touchscreen.


These specifications highlight the technical specifications and capabilities of the Secret Lab Magnus Pro XL Review, making it suitable for both gaming and professional environments with its design and advanced functionality.

Pros and cons of Secret Lab Magnus Pro Xl:


  • Modern and Sleek Design: The Secretlab Magnus Pro XL desk has a stylish and contemporary look that fits well in both professional and gaming environments. Its clean lines and premium finish make it a visually appealing addition to any workspace.

  • Easy Motorized Height Adjustment: The desk features a motorized height adjustment system, allowing you to easily switch between sitting and standing positions. This flexibility helps reduce fatigue and promotes better posture, making it easier to work or game for longer periods.

  • Great Cable Management: The Secretlab Magnus Pro XL is equipped with an intelligent cable management system. It includes a full-length cable tray and magnetic cable anchors to keep your workspace tidy and free from clutter. This organization ensures that all your cables are hidden and easily accessible.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed from high-quality materials like steel (SPCC) and MDF with high-pressure laminate bamboo, this desk is built to last. Its sturdy frame and robust design can support heavy equipment and withstand daily use.


  • Needs a Lot of Space: Due to its XL size, the Secretlab Magnus Pro XL requires ample space in your room or office. It`s important to ensure you have enough space to accommodate its dimensions without feeling cramped.

  • RGB Lighting Varies by Model: The availability and features of RGB lighting can vary depending on the model you choose. Not all models may come with customizable RGB lighting, so it`s essential to check the specific features of the desk you`re interested in.

As A Result

The Secretlab Magnus Pro XL is an ideal choice for professionals and gamers seeking a versatile and reliable workspace solution. With its durable metal construction and electric height adjustment system, this desk ensures comfort even if you`re sitting or standing. The spacious design accommodates all your equipment, allowing freedom of movement. The standout feature is its intelligent magnetic organization system, which keeps cables hidden and maintains a clean workspace. The Secretlabs Magnus Pro XL Review highlights its suitability for both gaming and professional environments, offering advanced features and building quality.


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