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Top 5 Backpacks and Bundles by Near Zero

With Near Zero be ready to go anywhere without burdening your shoulders. The brand offers backpacks and bundles that offer comfort, convenience, and value for money. 

Backpacks top the list of things to consider when planning a trip. Whether you are going for a hilly trail or on a boating adventure, a comfortable and easy-to-carry backpack is essential. Amidst multiple options available in the market, Near Zero stands apart from its peers. Near Zero offers top-notch backpacks and bundles crafted to provide comfort and ease during traveling.

Here, we have mentioned the top 5 backpacks and bundles of Near Zero that you can opt for. 

Explore The Top 5 Backpacks and Bundles 

Following are the top 5 backpacks and bundles by Near Zero. 

Dean Hiking Backpack 55 L

The Dean Hiking Backpack has a large storage capacity and an adjustable torso making it comfortable and easy to carry. Moreover, the patent-pending design distributes weight equally and offers quick access to gears making it ideal for adventures. 

Here is what else to expect from the backpack. 

  • Comes with a rain cover with an easy-access zipper storage pocket. 

  • Secure key hook and water-safe seal with two side zipper storage pockets. 

  • Mesh pockets are available for storage of lightweight food items and utensils. 

  • The top of the pack includes an easy-access panel with three zippered mesh pouches to organize key essentials.

  • Removable internal organizational dividers and labeling system for easy identification of gear placement.

  • Large front panel stretch mesh pocket.

  • Exterior cord storage system. 

  • Adjustable side and bottom straps for securing exterior gear.

  • Trekking pole storage loops.

  • Adjustable sternum strap with integrated safety whistle.

To avail of these features buy Dean Hiking Backpack 55 L Adjustable Torso just for USD 204.89.

Little Dean 20 L Backpack

Whether you are planning an overnight backpacking or day hiking adventure, this backpack is an ideal choice. The pack provides quick access to gear using a labeled, compartmentalized system. Aside from that, maximum stability, comfort, and ideal weight distribution are also signatures to it. 

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Here are some more features of the Little Dean Backpack. 

  • 20-liter storage with 1.1 lbs weight carrying capacity.

  • Large front panel offering a direct view of the bag.  

  • For easy storage mesh pockets are available.

  • Comes with a padded back panel and shoulder straps. 

  • Includes 8 pockets and labeled compartments.

  • Made from high-quality material. 

  • Waterproof and extremely durable. 

To enjoy your adventure shop Little Dean 20 L Backpack just for USD 61.25.

Ready 2 Go Bundle 

One of the best opportunities to get ready for a full adventure through this bundle provides you with 25 essential items: an ultralight, overnight pack designed to avail all the items you need outdoors. 

The backpack bundle comes with the following items.  

  • Backpack with 55 L storage capacity 

  • Tent for 2 person

  • NZ 35F Down sleeping bag

  • Insulated sleeping pad

  • Pillow and headlamp

  • Footprint for 2 person 

  • Rain poncho

  • Hydration bladder

  • First aid kit

  • Titanium towel

  • Stove and teapot

  • Fuel at least 100 g

  • 10 oz Mug and a knife

  • Titanium spork

  • Fire starting kit,

  • Hygiene kit and compass

  • 32oz chair  

  • Water bottle

  • 50 ft Paracord

  • Bug spray and sunscreen


Buy Ready 2 Go Bundles to hold all your essential outdoor camping gear just for USD 918.14.

Sidekick Bundle 

This backpack comes with 18 items, one of the best choices for those who need a buddy bag. This bundle backpack is used when already camping with someone else that you plan to share gear with. 

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The bundle has the following items 

  • 55 L Backpack

  • NZ 35F Down sleeping bag

  • Insulated sleeping pad and pillow

  • Headlamp and rain poncho

  • Hydration bladder

  • First aid kit 

  • 10 oz mug

  • Titanium spork

  • Hygiene kit

  • Compass and chair

  • 32oz water bottle

  • 50 ft Paracord

  • Knife, bug spray, and sunscreen

To avail of this bundle shop Sidekick Bundle just for USD 616.10.

Big 4 Bundle

This Big 4 backpack is bundled with four essential items to adventure. This package includes the four heaviest items, which weigh 10.8 lbs total when you load up with all of these four items such as

  • 55L backpack 

  • Tent for 2 person

  • NZ 35F down sleeping bag

  • Insulated sleeping pad 

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Get ready to grab your adventure essential gear to buy the Big 4 Bundle just for USD 197,030.00.

These top 5 bundles and backpacks by Near Zero are the right choice to adventure with your friend, family, and loved one. Whether a frequent traveler or an outdoor enthusiast, these backpacks suit your lifestyle and easy solution, while positively impacting the environment.

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