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Riddle's Scented Layering Must-Haves

A good fragrance enhances your mood and makes you feel more confident in your skin. Perfumes are not enough to keep smelling nice all day so add these scented layering products to your shower routine to always smell amazing.


A good fragrance plays an important role in creating an impression and enhancing your overall presence which helps to boost your self-confidence and make you feel more attractive. It also keeps you fresh and your mood brightened. 

Riddle is a fragrance oil and skincare brand that has been selling the best scents and skincare products since 2013. The brand has seven signature scents specifically curated for different personalities. Their scented layering products include scented oils and lotions that penetrate in the skin keeping it hydrated and creating a base layer for perfumes. Here are 5 best scented layering products:

Santal Milky Spray Lotion

These lotions have a beautiful warm earthy smell which is very soothing, it gives you the feeling of a walk in the woods. This scent includes the scent of Cardamom which has a warm, spicy scent with a slightly sweet undertone, Amber added to the scent makes you smell bougie while orchid adds to the fruity touch making it an all-in-one treat. This lotion base provides long-lasting hydration and soothing comfort to the skin. It offers a smooth, non-greasy texture that absorbs easily, leaving skin soft and supple.


  • The product lasts long because of its long-lasting shelf life

  • It is made suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin

  • The lotion has a thick, smooth, non-greasy texture

  • It keeps you feeling fresh all day


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Buy this Santal Milky Spray Lotion for $44.00  to your everyday perfume combo by layering it with another scent.

Santal Boujee Body Oil

This body oil is a fragrant body oil scented with a concentrated Santal fragrance oil, featuring a spicy, woody, and aromatic blend. The top notes of cardamom and cassis add a spicy scent while the middle notes of sandalwood sandalwood and amber give a woody smell that adds a freshness and musky feel. The lotion has good moisturizing properties that keep you smelling nice and hydrated all-day


  • This scented lotion is lightweight and non-greasy

  • It absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and protected

  • The scent lasts long all-day

  • This scented lotion has Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties


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This Santal Boujee Body Oil can be a part of your shower routine to smell amazing all day for just $88.00

Muse Milky Spray Lotion

This spray Lotion is where the candied scent of the sweetness of fruity and floral notes meets with the warmth of coconut and sandalwood. It features top notes of bergamot and middle notes of peony and magnolia that combine with the base notes of sandalwood and amber to create a perfect scent with the right amount of sweet and earthy notes. The coconut oil base moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while the fragrance provides a long-lasting and uplifting aroma. This spray lotion matches the vibes of a warm summer day or a cozy winter evening. 


  • Comes in a sleek glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer, ensuring an even application

  • Doesn`t stick to your clothes with its non-greasy formula

  • This product is non-comedogenic and doesn`t clog pores

  • Wear this for a long-lasting fragrance every day


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This Muse Milky Spray Lotion is one of the best products to have in your scent collection. It comes only for $44.00

Muse Boujee Body Oil

This fragrance oil opens with the zesty freshness of bergamot, uplifting your senses with a citrusy smell then a lush bouquet of peony and magnolia unfolds, offering a soft, romantic floral heart. Peony’s sweet, rosy aroma blends seamlessly with magnolia’s creamy, lemony scent. The richness of the oil enhances these floral notes, making them vibrant and long-lasting on the skin. It is followed by the base notes of coconut, sandalwood, and amber, adding a warm, exotic depth.


  • It comes with a convenient pump dispenser for easy application

  • This oil is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and mature skin

  • It leaves no greasy residue and easily absorbs

  • The oil is good for nourishing and moisturizing the skin


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Wear this Muse Boujee Body Oil to enhance your presence, which comes for just $88.00

Poppy Milky Spray Lotion


Poppy Mily Spray Lotion is enriched with multiple layers of citrus and floral notes creating a bright and uplifting scent experience. The first layer of orange blossom and lemon provides a fresh, fruity burst that instantly energizes while the second layer of the timeless scent of rose, intertwined with the exotic and creamy essence of ylang-ylang gives a subtle base to the fragrance. It goes well with both a colorful bubbly look and a sophisticated formal avatar


  • The glass bottle packaging gives an elegant touch and preserves the product to last long

  • Doesn`t stick to the clothes making it convenient to wear

  • Spray application allows the product to apply evenly to the skin

  • The fragrance lasts all day and keeps you fresh



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Smell fresh all day with Poppy Milky Spray Lotion for $44.00


Riddle’s fragrances are well thought out and made to last long. These scented oils and lotions become a part of your shower routine to keep you smelling nice throughout the day. These products don`t only have a good smell but they also glide on the skin well keeping it hydrated.

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